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Aleks Breaks Out Of Her Pandemic Slump

Aleks standing next to a blue wall wearing a colorful button down shirt.


Aleks @ixtesacred
For the shirt: Deer and Doe Melilot Shirt made with Windham Fabrics Color Theory in Charcoal and Dyed River Shell Buttons in Navy

For the pants: The Lander Pant & Short Pattern by True Bias 12 (based on my measurements) 10 oz Cotton Duck Canvas, Button Fly Jeans Hardware Kit in Nickel by Closet Core

For the shirt: I had two remnant pieces of fabric and had to add a yoke on the back of the shirt to get a full back piece. Also, the pattern called for 11 buttons down the front. I used 4.

When the Windham Color Theory fabric arrived, I was reminded of being an undergrad in architecture school and the pencil weights that I needed to use for hand drafting. Yes, hand drafting! The color studies on this fabric reminded me of a sketch class I took where we were only allowed to use four color pencils: black, yellow, turquoise, and magenta. It was a nice little stroll through memory lane for me. I selected the Melilot pattern because I don't have many short-sleeved shirts in my closet.

I don't know about you, but I have lived in three pairs of pants during this last year: a pair of Levis, a black pair of jeans, and my pajama pants. I wanted and needed something different to wear, for my sanity mostly! The Lander pattern reminds me of the pants Katherine Hepburn wore in some of her 1940 movies. Strong, sexy and perfect to break out of the Covid-19 slump!

The cotton duck was perfect to hold the shape and super easy to work with. The only place that took a little extra care was tapping gently with a small hammer so I did not destroy the hardware. Based on my measurements, I cut a size 12. I had to trim 1.5" off each pant piece around the hips, which gave me an opportunity to fit the pant snugly around my curves. I did not trim the 1.5" off the full length of the leg, giving it a wider look

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