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Álafoss Lopi is Here!

For a very long time, we have dreamed of carrying Álafoss Lopi at Fancy Tiger Crafts and the day has finally come! We have had the Aran weight Lettlopi on our shelves for a while now, but there is something special about the original bulky weight Lopi that we can't shy away from.

 Álafoss Lopi is available at Fancy Tiger Crafts

Lauren visited Iceland a few months back for her honeymoon and brought a skein of Bordeaux Heather home with her. This Omemee Cable Toque from Good Night, Day was the perfect use for it!

Tara-Lynn Morrisons Omemee Cable Toque in Alafoss Lopi

Pattern: Omemee Cable Toque from the Good Night, Day
Materials: 1 skein of Alafoss Lopi in Bordeaux Heather, Size 10 and 11 Circular Needles
Modifications: None

Good Night, Day Omemee Cable Toque

Last fall, I was lucky enough to travel to Iceland for my honeymoon. It had been one of my dream destinations forever and it did not disappoint! I fell in love with the landscapes, the food, and obviously, the yarn. 

Tara-Lynn Morrisons Omemee Cable Toque in Alafoss Lopi

They sell yarn everywhere in Iceland. It's a fiber-lovers paradise! I picked up a couple skeins of Alafoss from the Lopi factory to bring home with me. I didn't have a plan for it yet but I had to have it. I picked the Bordeaux Heather colorway because I really love the subtle details of this yarn. It appears purple, but when you look closely, there are beautiful speckles of many other colors! 

Alafoss Lopi in Bordeaux Heather

The (amazing) pattern book from Good Night, Day was actually my staff Christmas pick this past year and I had been waiting on the perfect bulky yarn to go with the Omemee toque pattern. I stumbled across the Lopi one day while going through my stash and I knew it was a perfect match! 

Good Night, Day by Tara-Lynn Morrison

I really enjoy knitting cables and the structure of this hat was so beautiful. The pattern is easy to follow and with the bulky yarn, it also makes for a quick knit. I finished this hat in one day! The instructions are well written and simple to understand even for novice cable knitters. 

Tara-Lynn Morrisons Omemee Cable Toque in Alafoss Lopi

We recently started carrying some beautiful shades of the Alafoss here at Fancy Tiger and I'm tempted to make another one. Then again, there are so many great patterns for bulky yarn in the Good Night, Day book I might have to try something new!


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  • Apr 01, 2017

    I just made a new coat in Alafoss Lopi and was astonished at how the knitted fabric was transformed after washing. The pattern has an early ‘60s vibe and is a real classic. See Hope this doesn’t seem like too much self-promotion, but the coat really feels like the sort of design your shop loves.

    — Elizabeth McCarten

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