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A Trio of Short Wiksten Shift Dresses

The Wiksten Shift Dress & Top pattern is indeed versatile. On Monday, we reviewed two Wiksten Shift top versions by Jaime, and today, we're focusing on the above-the-knee dress version of this pattern made by three different makers in three very different fabrics. 

Marta's Embroidered Shift
Marta's Embroidered Cotton Wiksten Shift DressSize made: 22
Modifications: none
Material used: Embroidered Cotton, (maybe vintage?) gifted from Caitlin’s stash
A close up of Marta's Wiksten Shift dress
I feel like the Wiksten Shift dress is the ultimate square shape that I’ve been waiting for. It is boxy in all of the right ways, and the the little gather in the back gives it just a hint of a cocoon. It is easy and breezy to wear. I already have another cut out of some Nani Iro linen just waiting to be sewn up. The sleeves are a bit big and long on me, so in my next version, I am going to remove some bulk from there. To borrow a phrase from Lauren, it’s basically a dress and a purse in one because of the beautifully roomy pockets!

Amanda's Subtle Striped Shift
Amanda's Stripe Wiksten ShiftSize made: 16
Modifications: Graded down to size 12 through the body, shortened hem
Material used: Yarn-Dyed Ticking

Side view of Amanda's Wiksten ShiftMy verdict: the Wiksten Shift doesn't touch me in all the right places! And it's even more dreamy in this super soft, lightweight hemp/cotton blend fabric. The dress came to my mid-shin (I'm 5'2" for reference), so I shortened it a little bit, thought it's still well past my knees. The back yoke and pockets feature stripes running horizontally because I do love a little bit of stripe play! It is comfortable and carefree and artful, everything you want from a summer dress. 

Christina's Gingham ShiftChristina's Gingham Wiksten ShiftSize: 6
Modifications: Reduced gather in back by 2"
Material used: Woven gingham

I used a mid-weight gingham fabric for my Wiksten dress. I like how it hangs and is not too sheer like many other gingham fabrics. I measured a size 8, but cut a 6 because, after checking the finished garment measurements, decided that I wanted it to fit a little smaller. I also took a bit of gather (about 2") out of the back because the fabric is a little heavier. I cut the patch pockets on the bias, so I wouldn't have to match the gingham. I love how the pattern pieces went together and am planning on making another out of a drapier fabric to compare.

And in you case missed it, Christina is teaching a Wiksten Shift Class this September!

Comments on this post (3)

  • Sep 04, 2019

    Hi, Krissa! This could absolutely work, granted the wool has some drape to it. It will definitely be more structured in wool – but that could be great for cooler months!

    — Amanda

  • Aug 26, 2019

    I’m new to sewing and I’m almost finished with my midi-length Wiksten shift, and I’m ALREADY looking forward to making it again! I’m wondering, can you talk a little whether it’s realistic to making the short shift in a slightly heavier-weight fabric, like a lightweight wool, for late-fall/winter wear? Or if you wouldn’t recommend it, can you suggest a pattern that might be a better fit for that weight of fabric? Thanks!

    — Krissa

  • Jun 13, 2019

    Would love to have seen phots of the back of Christina’s dress since she made modifications to the original pattern.

    — Leslie

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