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The Many Faces of Brome

Now that we have spent a week showing you a few different versions of Brome, we wanted to talk a little bit about all the options that are available with our brand new pattern. If you have been following along this week you have probably heard us all go on about the endless variations that are included in the pattern. We wanted to give you a rundown of the main views and just a few ways you can customize your Brome to really make the most out of the versatile pattern. So here you have it, the many faces of Brome!

This pattern comes with three main views and tons of mix and match options. View A is a button up shirt with full-length sleeves. 

Fancy Tiger Crafts Brome, View A

View B is a knee-length dress with 3/4 sleeves.

 Fancy Tiger Crafts Brome, View B

View C is a sleeveless maxi dress.

Fancy Tiger Crafts Brome, View C

Subtle gathers at the yoke make for a flattering fit without darts and the slightly scooped neckline is finished with a minimal band collar. The henley placket is a charming detail on both dress versions, while the shirt features a classic full front placket. Both dresses have the option of added inseam pockets and sizes range from 0 to 20.

Henley Placket and Gathering  Details

These three classic styles will easily carry you through a whole year of seasons and occasions without even thinking about the different mix and match opportunities available. To get some extra mileage out of Brome though, mixing and matching are essential! We have already seen sleeveless versions of both the dress (View B) and shirt (View A), and they both seem like a summertime dream! We can’t wait to see someone apply the full front placket to the maxi dress and make a 3/4 sleeve shirt.

Two Sleeveless Bromes- A Alison Glass Mariner Cloth shirt and a Burgundy Linen dress

Inside the pattern, we have included a few cheeky suggestions on ways you can mix the pattern pieces but honestly, we hope you take the pattern and run with it! Also, consider modifications like Heather’s pleated yoke or Alsn’s tunic length top. The possibilities are endless and we hope that you try all kinds of different adaptations and show us all your amazing makes with #fancytigerbrome.

Four Different Bromes in Brussels Washer

Never forget the original customization...fabric! We have made brome in so many different colors and types of fabric like Silk Noil, woven Ikat, Chambray, Linen, Rayon, and Cotton, but one real standby for us has definitely been Robert Kaufman's Brussels Washer and Brussels Washer Yarn Dye. This 55% linen 45% rayon fabric has a lightweight and drapey hand, is incredibly easy to work with, comes in tons of different colors and is one of our most affordable and favorite garment fabrics. A great option for your first Brome  and a totally wearable muslin!

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