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Meet the Maker: Eleventh House Quilt Studio

Hi! I’m Shawna and you’ve probably seen me, very occasionally, modeling things I’ve knit or sewn here on the blog. Maybe you know that I am also a quilter? What you may not know, however, is that I recently opened Eleventh House Quilt Studio where I offer longarm quilting and other quilt finishing services. The linen quilts, featured here, are the most recent project to emerge from the studio.

Photograph of Shawna facing the camera holding a stack of quilts folded, against a white wall.

I’ve been personally making quilts for 14 years and I’ve learned a lot over that amount of time. First, not everyone loves every part of the quilting process and I love seeing the joy that finished quilts brings people. It’s the reason why I opened the studio and provide not only longarm quilting, but I help finish quilts, whatever stage they’ve been left in, and I make custom quilts, like t-shirt quilts and memory quilts.

Two linen quilts on a white background.  Bottom linen quilt is light pink and cream, top quilt is forrest green and cream.

The second thing I’ve learned, I love adding fabrics into my quilts that aren’t just quilting cotton. Sometimes I add clothing from the thrift store, but also linen, silk and velvet. Adding different types of fabrics creates new and unexpected texture in a quilt.

Stack of quilts on a white background.  Photograph is taken looking straight down on the stack.  The top quilt is multi colored with different colored squares and grey circles.

The fabrics that I add are sometimes harder to work with than traditional quilting cotton. For example, linen is really shifty and silk velvet is even more shifty, so things don’t always turn out perfect….but! it’s a great way to learn and it’s helped me take my quilting less seriously, which for me, is a good thing. I make decidedly better work when I can relax and go with the flow. Now, the linen quilts.

Photograph up close of a quilt to show different fabrics including. linen and velvet.  Color pallete is light pinks, orange mixed with some neutral white and grays.

I made a Wiksten Shift shirt out of the Roma linen and it’s such a comfortable beautiful fabric that I wear my shirt as often as I can. I added scraps of Roma linen to some quilts I made last year and it always looked so beautiful. That got me dreaming about an entirely linen quilt…insert heart-eye emoji. I didn’t want to make the design too complicated, since linen has a mind of it’s own, so I came up with a mostly whole cloth quilt design. I added little scraps of velvet and hand printed cotton for some bits of interest, et viola! Linen quilts!

Two linen quilts on a white background, laying flat side by side..  Left linen quilt is light pink and cream, right quilt is forrest green and cream.

You can find me personally on Instagram as @thequilticorn and follow the studio @eleventhhouse_quiltstudio. To see my personal work visit and to see services offered at the studio, visit

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