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Jaime Dives Into Some Mystical Stitching

This is an image of the book Mystical Stitches on a light blue floor background with green plants and a wooden embroidery hoop.

Mystical Stitches by Christi Johnson is finally here and I am all for it! I've been following Christ's work on Instagram and love it. I have been eagerly awaiting this book and it delivers! I've already started a project - the hardest part was deciding what to stitch first - so I thought I would take this opportunity to share a bit more about it and give you a sneak peak at the embroidery possibilities that she works this truly masterful book.

Mystical Stitches is a gold mine for witches or anyone curious about how crafts can help with personal growth, manifestation and intention setting. 

Christi Johnson covers everything from basics of embroidery, including clear stitch guides, thread, tools, and putting it all together with beautiful, big projects. The book comes with downloadable patterns for over 200 designs and symbols and suggested stitch guides for each. 

This is an image of a book opened up to two pages, one featuring a variety of embroidered symbols and one page featuring a woman wearing a yellow shirt that has some of those symbols on her shirt.

She goes on to cover how to use embroidery in your magical work, creating talismans, altar cloths, clothing and more, infused with personal intentions. She really highlights the meditative aspects of the craft, urging readers to deepen into this as they stitch their work. The book covers the magical and mystical meaning of all 200 symbols so you can be intentional in what you choose to stitch based on what you are wanting to bring in to (or banish from) your life.

This is an image of a book with an embroidered snake on its page.

I chose to start with a simple talisman - a cloth imbued with meaning that can sit on my altar or come with me as needed. I am starting with an eye for all-seeing, all-knowing wisdom. I'm not sure where this will go from here, but I know I can't go wrong with all the inspiring ideas presented in this book!

This is an image of a persons hands holding an embroidery hoop with an eye stitched on the fabric.

We have plenty of copies of Mystical Stitches in the store, available today. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. 

This is an image of a book opened up to a page with heart stitched embroidery project along with a wooden embroidery hoop and a plant.

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