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Fancy Tiger Junegrass Plans

Now that Jaime and Amber have snapped up some skeins of our new Colorado grown and milled yarn, Junegrass: Batch Two, it is time to start planning out what these beautiful cakes will become. They both started outlining their projects plans and knitting swatches to see just how perfect their projects are going to work out. First up, Amber!

Junegrass: Batch Two cakes

Amber's Junegrass: Batch Two Plans

The 2017 batch of Junegrass has me swooning! With our inaugural batch last year, I made one of my all-time favorite sweaters--a Junegrass Pullover. Still, I couldn't pass up this year's beautiful blend of un-dyed Colorado wool. This year I plan to make another sweater, but it will be quite a bit different.

The Sourcebook Cabled Cardigan

I decided I need a cozy, Junegrass cabled cardigan in my life. I found exactly what I was dreaming of--albeit at the wrong gauge--in Norah Gaughan's Knitted Cable Sourcebook. The Sourcebook Chunky Cardigan pattern is written for a bulky weight yarn, which Junegrass is not. I decided to test swatch with two strands held together. 

Amber's Cabled, Two-stranded swatch

Two strands turn out to be fantastic at this gauge (13 stitches to 4 inches in stockinette). The fabric is especially nice after washing and slightly fulling by hand. This gives the Lincoln longwool a chance to bloom and makes a cozier fabric. I have a couple summer knits to finish, but I'm so looking forward to casting on for this cardigan! 

Amber's Junegrass Swatch vs. Jaime's Junegrass Swatch

Jaime's Junegrass: Batch Two Plans

I am thrilled with the result of our second year of yarn production. Junegrass Batch Two relies on the same, soft and springy Merino/Rambouillet cross of the first batch, but this year we combined it with a hefty amount of Lincoln Longwool and a touch of CVM. The result is a slightly drapey, hard-working yarn with a touch of sheen. The warm, light grey color is a result of some darker grey Lincoln and brown CVM. It is luscious.

Jaime's Junegrass swatch

I've only just knit a swatch but I'm excited to have a sweater from this yarn to wear. I have to admit, I wasn't very original in my choice of sweater...I'm going to knit Cline by Julie Hoover. This classic, simple seamed, raglan sweater was put on my radar when Jess Schreibstein knit this sweater out of last years OG batch of Junegrass. This sweater features large, dolman sleeves and a slightly oversized body with gorgeous raglan shaping. I'm super excited about getting this sweater on my needles. I know it's still July but fall, here I come.

Jess Schreibstein's Celine Sweater

Tiger Junegrass: Batch Two Plans

Staff Junegrass Plans

A few of the other staff members picked up some skeins of Junegrass: Batch Two and have started plotting their knits too! Kaylee has one skein and is dreaming of Jared Flood's Lancet hat (right) from BT Winter17. Lauren fell in love with the Hirombe Hat (bottom) that Amber made and can't wait to make one for herself! Caitlin stumbled upon Jessie Roselyn's Audrey Collection (left) and can't wait to get a pair of the mittens on her needles!

What are your Junegrass: Batch Two plans? Let us know by tagging all your projects with #junegrassbatchtwo.


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