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Fancy Tiger Crafts Summer of Sewing

This summer the Fancy Tiger staff has committed to growing our sewing skills in a Summer of Sewing challenge. Our collective goal is to build up an arsenal of handmade wardrobe basics that we will be able to use over and over, challenge our sewing skills in order to grow our collective knowledge, and cultivate our crafting community. Plus, there are fun prizes for all those participating! We always feel that the first step to growing, in anything, is setting goals. We are excited to see some sewing growth this summer and wanted to share our journey with you in hopes of inspiring you to join us in our summer-long challenge.

Fancy Tiger Crafts Summer of Sewing

We have a few guidelines for our Summer of Sewing. First, we have four different categories of patterns to sew from: Basic Woven, Simple Knits, Intermediate Woven, and Bottoms. The goal is to complete one item from each category for a larger, grand prize, but we will be receiving mini-prizes along the way as we complete each category. 

This week we have our first of what is sure to be many Summer of Sewing Challenge blog posts. Jaime and Rae both completed Sew Liberated Metamorphic Dresses (from the Basic Woven category) and we will be sharing them with you this week. Check back on Friday for details and photos of all three amazing dresses they made!

Summer of Sewing

We hope you come up with your own version of this fun and rewarding challenge! Follow along on Instagram as our staff works towards the finish line of the #ftcsummersewingchallenge, which wraps up at the beginning of August.

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