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Fancy Stocking Stuffers We Love

I don't know about you, but stockings are sort of a mix and match adventure in creativity and light fun for many of us at Fancy Tiger Crafts. For that reason it remains one of our favorite things to walk about our store and imagine the delight some of our smaller items might bring in just the right stocking. So of course, we compiled a few to give gift givers some ideas! We hope these give you some good ideas. 

1. Sometimes life is a mixed bag and so are these delightful Firefly Notes Mixed Bat Stitch markers, $12. We love them! 
2. Who doesn't love a notebook? These Ruby Star Society notebooks have grid, lined and dot grid patterns. $6 (or $7 for the larger size)
3.  Sew Fine Thread Gloss makes all of that hand-stitching easy, tangle-free and sweet smelling. It comes in three scents including lavendar and satsuma! $7.50
4. This Fancy Tiger branded darning and mending loom kit made by Katrinkles includes all the tools you need to repair a hole in a knitted garment. $35
5. Stickers! Our Fancy Tiger Crafts holographic stickers, are perfect for a proud crafter. Who doesn't love a new sticker for their water bottle? NOTE: We have a shipment coming in so if these show up as Sold Out when you visit the link, we will be getting them in soon!  $3.75 
6. Any of the Modern Daily Knitting Field Guides make a great gift that includes patterns and stories to inspire a knitter.  $15.95
7. Fancy Tiger Pencils! Who doesn't love a good pencil? 3 for $3 in store only
8. Maybe you know someone that loves crochet and is a bit of a rebel? The Ladies Fancywork Crochet Fist Enamel Pin is perfect. $12
9. Whether you gift the skein in all of its beauty or knit something up and put it in a stocking, the artful and unique Daisy Chain yarn by Knit Collage is magical. $40
1. Not only do we have a free Ribbed Beanie pattern to go with this yarn, but this yarn is bright and bulky. Neighborhood Fiber Co. Rustic Bulky, $32
2. The Fancy Tiger Sewing Kit is a perfect little on the go item to keep stashed in your car or purse for those mending emergencies! $12.95
3. We have a variety of lovely enamel pins to choose from, and each and every one is fun and focused on making. Who doesn't need a bit of that? Enamel Pins $10
4. Moondance Botanicals have created this liquid soap FTC Wool Wash for us that is perfect to use for hand-washing all your knit or crocheted goods. $14
5. We know when you visit you like to pick up some store logo swag. This is perfect for throwing on a bottle, notebook or wherever else needs some sizzle. FTC Logo Sticker, $1.50
6Sashiko is a Japanese style of hand stitching. These little packages contain one piece of cotton fabric pre-printed with a Sashiko design. Olympus Sashiko Patterns, $12
7. For the handmade fashionista, Kylie and the Machine woven labels are a nice, cheeky surprise. $8.50
8. Gift the kit or create the too cute to resist mini pocket-sized friend. Hawthorn Handmade Baby Penguin Felting Kit, $16 
9. Make pom poms, tassels, cords and friendship bracelets! This Loome tool is perfect for the whimsical maker. All Loome products are fun for gifting. $12.50
10. This Wanderers Slippers is from one of our many classes. Give the gift of creative crafting! Classes range in price. 
1. Big stocking to stuff? Just shove this awesome tube in there for any plant lover you may have in your household. Modern Macrame DIY Planter Kit. $39
2. This handy Fancy Tiger Crafts needle gauge is perfect for the organized knitter. $8
3. We carry several VERY adorable doll kits by Kiriki Press for the person that loves charming embroidery projects. These can be made or gifted as the kit. Fox Doll Kit, $20.50 
4. Modern Daily Knitting Field Guid No. 19 focuses on the art of Marls. It's a great little exploration for the knitter in your life. $15.95 
5. These beautiful little stainless steel Needle Threaders by Kiriki Press have been a popular item, and for good reason. They are a sweet little gift for those that have tired eyes and busy hands. $8
6.  This Olde Crone Lanolin soap is scented with Rosemary and Lavender and is sudsy experience anyone would cherish. $8
7.  Fancy Tiger x Winter Session Leather Sewing Notebook fits in your pocket is so special! $24
8. Firefly Notes Makers Mushrooms Stitch Markers are cute as a button and the perfect little bit of bling for a knitter. $12
9. Fancy Tiger Crafts Handcrafter's Hand Balm soothes working hands with lavender and lemon. Just a perfect bit of heaven. $8
10. These I Love Handles Leather Wrist Rulers are part accessory with a story and part well loved maker tool. These are for the person that really digs a functional gift with some style. $20

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