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Craft Up a Trend: Sustainable Style

When it comes to sustainable fashion/fibers, there is a lot to know and tons of information out there. It can be an overwhelming task for a beginner to take on by themselves. That is why finding companies you can trust to provide transparent, sustainable options are key. We have come up with a quick beginners guide to our favorite Sustainable brands and fabrics, plus a few ideas for handmade, sustainable spring/summer fashion. 

Alabama Chanin

Alabama Chanin is a company built around sustainability and ethical practices. Their cotton jersey fabric is 100% organic cotton, which means it is grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and using non-genetically modified seeds which cause a whole host of problems for the environment. It is also grown, milled, spun and dyed in the US with a completely transplant supply chain that is focused on humane treatment of all people that come in contact with the fiber. You can read more about their mission and supply chain here. We recommend a simple Adventure Tank or build your own dress pattern from Alison Glass’ Knit Essentials Pattern.


Echo View Fiber Mill is a Gold LEED certified facility based in Weaverville, North Carolina that produces beautiful organic cotton Lanyard Yarn. Paired with Macrame: The Craft of Creative Knotting for Your Home, even your home can have wonderfully sustainable style. 


Cloud9 Fabrics is an incredible company that uses 100% organic cotton and eco-responsible low impact dyes in their printing. In addition to the ethically sourced supplies, they also make an effort to ensure that the individual rights of all workers associated their product are being respected by working closely with fiber mills. We recommend any of this sustainably focused companies quilting cottons for a fun and whimsical Then Came June Quilt.

Yarn Dyed Ticking

We love this simple yarn dyed ticking for its gentle drape and versatile stripe pattern. This fabric is not just beautiful however, it is an excellent sustainable option. Made from Organic Cotton and Hemp, you can feel good about the origins of fiber that creates this effortless fabric. Hemp is always excellent low-impact option because it requires much less water to grow, needs almost no pesticides or fertilizers while remaining a natural, biodegradable fiber. For spring and summer, we highly recommend a Fen Dress, Roscoe Dress/Blouse or Charlie Caftan made up in this long-lasting textile.

Quince & Co. Kestrel

Just like hemp, linen is a low water, low pesticide, low fertilizer crop that yields a fabric with lovely weight and drape. This Quince & Co. Kestrel is a ribbon yarn is made from 100% organic linen grown in Belgium paying special attention to the fiber’s growing conditions for both the soil and for those who tend and harvest it. Make Leila Raabe's Deschain pullover for easy summer layers.

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