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Checking In: with Jaime Jennings, Spring '18

Secrets! So many secrets... 

Amber and I have been busy sewing behind the scenes so it looks like we haven't been crafting as much as we have, but not to worry, friends! All will be revealed soon! 

Jaime's  new favorite color: citrus

Big news: I have a new favorite color - Citron Yellow. Maybe its the summer season coming up, but I've been all about this happy, bright color. I still love neutrals, and the pale-peachy-pink of last year, but right now, all of my upcoming projects are yellow!

Top Secret Sweater

I have this Portuguese wool João yarn in from Retrosaria that is going to become a top-secret sweater (guess where we're going next??)

Mariner Cloth in Charteuse

This Mariner Cloth from Alison Glass is a dream come true and I can't get enough of the perfection of this yellow. My plan for it? More of these secrets I mentioned earlier...

Birkin Sweater

I've been SLOGGING my way through a Birkin Sweater. I cast this on LAST JUNE. I have a love/hate relationship with this sweater. I love my colors, the yarn, and the beautiful colorwork pattern...I hate working colorwork with three colors. Because the knitting is so tedious, I keep putting this down to knit other things, but after working hard on this almost all winter, I have made some serious progress! I have finished the part of the sweater that requires three colors at once. Its all breezy 2-color knitting or just one color from here on out! I'm super excited to have this finished, especially now that I'm so far along, but alas, deadline knitting means I will have to set it aside again. One day day. I'm knitting this in one of my favorite yarns - Jamieson and Smith Shetland 2 Ply. The pattern from Laine Magazine Issue 2 and is by Caitlin Hunter.

Boxy Double Gauze Shirt

Finally, I have another simple little boxy top cut out of this adorable Japanese double gauze just waiting to be sewn up. This is self-drafted, but very similar to Sonya Philip's Shirt No 1 (my FAVORITE). I made this a bit wider and it will have tiny pockets as well. Sometimes I just need to make an easy top out of a cute print, you know? 

All Things Yellow

That's all I've been working on... stay tuned to see my new yellow wardrobe in action (do I even look good in yellow??)

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