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Better Know a Crafter: Leigh Curran

You can’t help but fall in love with Leigh Curran and her daughter, Mae. The most stylish duo around, they wear their handmade wardrobes with easy elegance. Although Leigh has plans to move away from Colorado soon, she will always have a crafting family at Fancy Tiger. Check out her incredible talent and style!

Leigh Curran

Better Know a Crafter: Leigh Curran

Tell us about the person who taught you to do what you do.

Both of my parents are makers and I grew up seeing the value of devoting your time to labors of love.  My dad taught me to consider both utility and beauty in my work. My mom is a textile artist, and I learned to appreciate the textures and colors in natural fabrics from her. 

Now, I am teaching myself garment sewing while my daughter naps. I favor patterns with good instructions and use internet tutorials to learn specific skills. The staff at Fancy Tiger have taught me so much about types of fabric. Their encouragement and patience with my questions have made me brave enough to make more challenging projects! 

Very Shannon's Sally Dress in Nani Iro Brushed Cotton

Very Shannon's Sally Dress in Nani Iro Brushed Cotton

Tell us about some of your favorite projects you have made/what type of projects you like to work on.

I love making anything for my daughter, especially when she picks out the fabric, buttons or ribbon. I also love sewing with Nani Iro fabric! 

Made by Rae Geranium Dress

Made By Rae Geranium Dress in Anna Maria Chemistry

I am very interested in the intersection of function and beauty.  I like making things we need in our home, such as aprons, bedding, tote bags, and pillows. I sometimes draft my own patterns for my girl, based on her needs and preferences. 

I also prefer designs with stand-out functional features like the tie on Sew House Seven's Teahouse Dress, or the giant pockets on Very Shannon's Sally Dress. I really like sewing from patterns at least twice because my second version is always slightly altered and bolder with fun (often hidden, like a funky hem-facing) details.

Sew House Seven's The Tea House Top in Melody Miller's Confetti Quilting Cotton  


What is next on your crafting horizon. Do you have a new (to you) craft you want to conquer?

I want to start dyeing fabric to make clothes for my daughter and me. 

I also have many garment sewing dreams that will require me to learn new skills, including sewing for my husband and expanding my own handmade wardrobe to pants and shorts.

Sew House Seven's The Teahouse Dress

Right to Left: Sew House Seven's The Tea House Dress in Brussels Washer // April Rhodes Riding Peplum in Nani Iro Double Gauze // By Hand London Polly Top in Japanese Double Gauze // By Hand London Polly Top in white cotton appliqué

While you are sewing, what is your favorite music to listen to/show to watch?

I am lucky enough to spend all of my non-sewing time with my chatty jokester toddler, so sometimes I just sew in silence! Otherwise, I usually listen to blues like Jimmy Reed or Bessie Smith. If I listen to fast-paced music, I rush my project!

Wiksten Tank in Ikat

The Wiksten Tank in hand-dyed, hand-woven Indah Ikat

Thank you for sharing all of so many of your beautiful makes with us, Leigh!

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  • Apr 26, 2017

    I love those pockets on the dress, too — I bet she finds them very useful.

    — Catherine

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