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Better Know a Crafter: Hayley Blomquist

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Hayley! We're so excited to share this Better Know a Crafter with you! Hayley has been coming to Fancy Tiger for Craft Camp for the past 5 years. She totally rocks at everything she does- sewing, knitting, felting, art... you name it! This past summer she took over the role of instructor for our kids Craft Camp and led her very own Fairy Camp! She is headed off to college this week and we couldn't think of a more suitable send off than to have her as our Better Know a Crafter!

Hayley Blomquist

Tell us a little about your creative self.
I love crafting and creating and drawing and designing. Pretty much anything having to do with your right brain I'm all about. Sewing and drawing are my go-to's.

Tell us about the projects you've made.
Well, I'm going off to college (Hofstra University) and I thought a quilt would spiff up my dorm room, so I whipped it up from super awesome fabric from Fancy Tiger. The back is simply muslin which I thought would juxtapose the bright neons and patterns on the front. The needlefelted thing is supposed to be Frida Kahlo but it came out looking more like Helga from Hey Arnold! which adds to its goofiness. I also have made these two dresses from my own designs. I did have help on one from my amazing mentor and Fancy Tiger veteran, Christina Patzman.

Tell us about the person who taught you to do what you do.
That would be Christina! While I did grow up with knowledge of sewing and knitting from my grandma and mom, when I started taking classes at Fancy Tiger in the seventh grade, it was Christina who guided me! The book shown is a birthday present I made for Christina which shows a tiny flat version of her going to New York.

Who is your favorite mythological being?
Lumpy Space Princess. "I saved the village!"

If you could have any super power what would it be?
The ability to always have just the right amount of thread in the bobbin every time. Threading those buggers gets annoying, am I right ladies?

Thanks Hayley, you rock!

Hayley also made Fancy Tiger a going away present and its perfect!

WE LOVE YOU TOO!!! Good luck and we will miss your shining face around these parts! We can't wait to see what's next for you, let the adventures begin!

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