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The Quilts of Quiltcon 2018

Amber just got back from her week-long pilgrimage to Quiltcon 2018 in Pasadena, California. This year was the 5th annual Con hosted by the Modern Quilt Guild and includes lectures, workshops, a marketplace, and best of all - quilts. There are hundreds of modern quilts on display in various categories and it is always a privilege and a delight that so many people share their latest and greatest creative work all in one place. We wanted to share a few of Amber's favorites for everyone that wasn't able to make the trip.

First off, we have to do a little bragging. Two people from our awesome Tiger community submitted quilts this year, Bob B. and Shawna Doering! 

Shawna Doring - An Ode to Anni- Quiltcon 2018

Shawna's quilt, An Ode to Anni, is a tribute to Anni Albers and was featured in the Modern Traditionalism category. As always, incredible work Shawna!

Bob Bossher- Quiltcon 2018

On the top: White on White from the Minimalist category Bottom Left: Words Matter from the Piecing category
Bottom Right: Take Flight from the Piecing category

This was Bob's first year entering Quiltcon and he had THREE quilts accepted! We are always blown away by Bob's skill and passion and are so happy he is sharing his skills with the world.

Carolyn Friedlander Exhibit Quiltcon 2018

This year's featured quilter was Carolyn Friedlander. Since the founding of her business in 2010, her modern fabric design in combination with her intricate piecing and appliqué techniques have set her apart from the rest. We will be hosting Carolyn at Fancy Tiger this fall where she will be teaching color and fabric play with her Eads Quilt Workshop, and basic color theory and appliqué in her Wainwright Quilt Workshop. There are still a limited number of spaces left in both of these exceptional classes. While she is town, Carolyn will also be joining us for a meet and greet where you can get a chance to meet this quilting superstar and see samples of her work. 

Carolyn Friedlander Quiltcon 2018

Now we want to run through a few of this year's standouts in all categories! First up, 

Minimalist Design

Minimalist Design Collage - Quiltcon 2018

Starting upper left and moving clockwise: We Must Try by Ashley Brown Durand, Staircase to the Moon by Kate Henderson, Wayward Transparency by Yvonne Fuchs, Wholecloth, 2 by Heidi Parkes, Afterlife by Sherri Wood

Minimalist Design (continued)

Minimalist Design- Quiltcon 2018

Row One - Left: Gold X by Billi Rakov  Upper Right: Harvest by Carson Converse Lower Right: Sliced Circles by Karen Lee
Row Two - Left: Passage by Carson Converse  Right: Tower: 1 by Season Evans

The SAQA Presents: Modern Inspiration - Art Quilts from the 1970's through Today featured one of Nancy Whittington's first quilts, Seasons Quilt from 1978 which featured ultra-suede and satin fabrics with a focus on color, contrast, pattern and the progression of light through seasons.

Nancy Whittington - Seasons Quilt - Quiltcon 2018


Handwork Quilts- Quiltcon 2018

Row One: Blue Giant by Tara Glastonbury Row Two: Get Woke by Chawne Kimber Row Three: But, I Tried to Remember by Heidi Parkes Row Four: Window by Marah Light

The Modern Quilt Guild's 2017 Quilts of the Month

The Modern Quilt Guild's 2017 Quilts of the Month

Singularity by Jenn Nevitt

Use of Negative Space

Use of Negative Space - Quiltcon 2018

Row One from left to right: Ms Conceived by Miriam Coffey, Urban Trek by Heather Black
Row Two from left to right: Hard to Handle by Daisy Aschehoug, Sirkel by Daisy Aschehoug, Chomp by Jacquie Gering, Kintsugi VII: Birds in the Air by Alexis Deise

Small Quilts

Small Quilts - Quiltcon 2018

Minimal Whole Cloth Lines 1 by Andrew Joslyn


Applique - Quiltcon 2018

Starting upper left and moving clockwise: Above and Below by Annabel Wrigley, Totem by Tricia Royal, So Much to Say by Annabel Wrigley



 Improvisation - Quiltcon 2018

Row One from left to right: Clinging to the Edge by Irene Roderick, Blue Jean Butterflies by Charlotte Noll Row Two: Leftovers #7 by Debra Jalbert Row Three from left to right: Nests and Vessels #1: The House Protects the Dreamer by Leslie Tucker Jenison, Neighbors by Melanie Tuazon


Youth - Quiltcon 2018

Gestures by Eva Schwarz

Modern Traditionalism

 Modern Traditionalism - Quiltcon 2018

Clockwise starting in the upper left: Kintsugi VI: Tree of Life by Alexis Dise, Lollipop by Diana Vandeyar, Pineapple by Tiffany Baxter

Modern Traditionalism - Quiltcon 2018

Clockwise starting in the upper left: Sidewalk Chalk Quilt by Meghan Buchanan, Modern Lonestar #3 by Sarah Lauzon, Broadcast by Brigit Dermott, Cape by Staci Meyr

Aids Memorial Quilt

 Aids Memorial Quilt - Quiltcon 2018

Quilting Challange 

Quilting Challenge - Quiltcon 2018 

Clockwise starting in the upper left: Opposites by Katherine Jones, Detail of Opposites by Katherine Jones, Geese Bump by Mickey Beebe, Reflections for Harper by Amanda Hancock


Piecing - Quiltcon 2018 

Row One- Left: Incidental Collaboration by Nora Renick Rinehart  Right: Lucky by Melissa Miller Curley
Row Two- Left: Shine a Light by Hilary Goodwin  Upper Right: Send in the Clowns by Irene Roderick  Lower Right: Shag by Catherine Mosely

Group or Bee Quilts

 Fractured Reality by Mary Elizabeth Kinch

Fractured Reality by Mary Elizabeth Kinch

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