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The Quilts of Quiltcon 2016

Jaime, Shawna and I have just spent the weekend at Quiltcon. We couldn't even believe all the inspiring quilts! Get ready for an epic quilt blog post, as I am going to share some of the stunning quilts from the show. We were excited to represent for Fancy Tiger Crafts and are so proud of Shawna, who had two quilts in the show—her quilt "Red Hot" even won Lisa Congdon's Judges choice!

Here is Shawna with her quilt "Powder Blue" also displayed in the show. Nice work!

Shawna also had a mini quilt displayed in this lovely spectrum of modern mini quilts in the Andover booth. Can you guess which one is hers?

I was honored to have my "Cancer & Taurus (Constellation Quilt)" in the show!

Before we get to the rest of the quilts in the show, there was a special exhibit that blew us away and I'd like to share some of it with you. Molly Upton was a quilter and artist in the 1970s, who sadly died when she was just in her 20s. Despite this, she made a substantial number of quilts in her short lifetime. A collection of her works were shown at Quiltcon. They were dark and stunning and I loved that these were on display. Here are a few of the Molly Upton quilts...

Molly Upton - Watchtower - 1975

Molly Upton - Watchtower - 1975

Molly Upton - Nocturn Regalis - 1974

Molly Upton - Greek - 1974

Quiltcon always has an abundance of impressive, inspiring and mindblowing new quilts.

I now invite you to take a photo tour of the show - what follows are many of the quilts that we saw over the weekend. If you weren't able to make it to Pasadena, sit back and enjoy these beauties!

Melissa Averinos - My Brother's Jeans (Best in Show) - She rescued her brother's old jeans from a dumpster after he committed suicide and used them in this quilt as a remembrance.

Jennifer Johnston - Handcrafted Triangles

Nancy Purvis - F*ck The Quilt Police

Sherri Lynn Wood - Score for Showing Up (Disco)

Carson Converse - Inverted No.1

Carson Converse - Shift

Chawne Kimber - The One For Eric

Stephanie Ruyle - Embers

Nancy Purvis - Fossil

Nancy Purvis - Mesa

Libs Elliott - Kill It with Fire

Shannon Page - Jurgis and Ona

Kerri Green - Graphics 1

Nicole Neblett - Red X

Janice Smyth - Hemisphere

Nancy Purvis - Blind

Lorena Uriarte - I Have This Thing With Floors

Kathy Greer - Bubble Gum

Jacquie Gering - Aftermath


Heidi Parkes - Night Flight No. 1

Allison Chambers - No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Alexis Deise - Pineapple Variation

Elisa Albury - Blueberries for Sal

Alexis Deise - Kintsugi Medallion

Yvonne Fuchs - Sunburst

Andrew Steinbrecher - Line Study 1

Pam Rocco - House Plan

Bailey Pike - Etude


Riane Mendari - Windowsill

Liz Harvatine - Hexie Beast

Jane Davidson - You Are Not-aLone Star, Shine

Maritza Soto - Floating Squares No. 2

Jenna Richardson - Hot Lava

Heidi Parkes - Places Unfold

Carolyn Friedlander - Everglade

Gina Pina - Group Self Portrait


Nancy Thornburg - Roundabout

Rebecca Burnett - Every Little Hungry Schoolgirl's Pride and Joy

Kim Eichler Messmer - Central Pivot

Carolyn Freidlander - Ebb

Karen Maple - Black Lives Matter

Jenn Nevitt - 512

Selina Cheng - Swarm

Katherine Jones - Facets

Jenna Brand - Dunes

Jessica Schunke - Fading Star

Kirsty Cleverly - Wildfire

Karen Duling - Catnado

Leslie Tucker Jenison - Scrappy Side Trip

Lee Chappel Monroe - Converging Hours

Karin Jordan - Melon Wedding Ring


Letitia Chung - Whimsical Logs

Kristin Sheilds - Modern Improv Sampler

Valerie Sheilds - Sinuous

Nancy Purvis - Concordia

Lindsey Sanders - Shattered and Mended


Arianna Caggiano - 001

Arianna Caggiano - 002

Arianna Caggiano - 003

Sarah Band - Release the Geese II

Melanie Tuazon - Flounce

Matt Macomber - Overwhelming Unknown

Tara Faughnan - Pine Burr Quilt

Yara Greuter - Migration Quilt

Tricia Royal - A Kiss For Paul

Heather Black - Summer Sunset

Amy Gunson - Trimmings 2015 The Cog

Lysa Flower - Mixed Cassette Tapes

Nydia Kehnie - Tessellation 4

Rebecca Burnett - Fish and Visitors

Yvonne Fuchs - Triangle Transparency

Tara Faugnan - Diamonds Quilt No. 2

Hillary Goodwin - Don't Look Back

Timna Tarr - Holyoke 1938

Amy Ellis - Maverick

Mary Menzer - Fruit Flavors

Beth Shutty - Cut Diamonds

Dawn Golstab - Shape Shifting

Jennifer Johnston - Digital Waves

Nancy Purvis - Reflection

Thanks Quiltcon for another amazing event!

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