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Co-op Me Made May Pledges & A Giveaway

Yes, the month of May officially starts today and in the making world that means it is also a month to focus on sharing all the makes you love and cherish with others by celebrating the month-long extravaganza that is Me Made May! It can be a bit stressful if you feel pressured to do more, which is not the point! 

Me Made May can and should be a time when makers can mindfully focus on what it means to create while also sharing or celebrating those efforts. We will be doing a hashtag contest (more below) but that in no way means you need to do more than you normally do or create more than you already have. This is for fun, so if you have some new makes planned or want to participate in our giveaways, we hope you will!

Our co-op team decided to create pledges this year so that they could commit to celebrating a month of making in the ways that best suit them. Will you be making a pledge? Perhaps our Co-op Giveaway will give you an idea for what you want to do. 


Fancy Tiger Crafts Co-op Giveaway

We hope that you will share your Me Made May makes all month by using the #FTCMeMadeMay.  We LOVE to see what you are up to. This is the hashtag our staff will be using and welcome everyone to share as well. 

If you are feeling competitive, we will be offering two give aways. For the month of May,

    • Use #FTCmaterials2022 - if you post images to Instagram featuring projects that include materials (fabric, yarn, etc.) purchased at the shop.
    • Use the #FTCpattern2022- if you have a project that features a Fancy Tiger Crafts Co-op pattern, such as the Fen Dress or the Hosta shirt.
At the end of the month our team will look at every photo and select one winner from each category to receive a FTC zipper tote, a $50 gift certificate and other goodies from the store. 


Co-op Pledges


Last summer I picked up many yards of this magnificent Lady McElroy Cobra Corsage with dreams of a light swishy summer dress. Needless to say it didn’t happen then, but this year I’m going to live my best summer dress life! The soft swooshy lawn fabric demands to be gathered and ruched, and who am I to disagree with that?

I’ve also been sitting on a pile of space themed remnants for [redacted] years. Everytime I spot a sparkly astronomy themed fabric in the bin I snap it up. It’s time for me to channel Ms. Frizzle and bring these all together into one fabulous frock. 



Me Made May usually sneaks up and takes me by surprise so much so that I feel too rushed to participate. This year I am taking the plunge and pledging to wear ONLY me mades for the month of May- excluding socks, shoes, undergarments- and also to document my outfits every day. I had thought about challenging myself to wear at least one me made per day in May, but realized that this would not really be a challenge for me at all, and so what is the point?

My hope with this pledge is that it helps me to better learn what I like to wear and why, to weed out any me mades that just aren’t working anymore (and if they’re salvageable with a tweak or alteration), and how to fill my wardrobe holes better. 

I also plan to continue my regular goal of completing at least two garment projects per month. For May I think that this will be Sew Liberated Arthur Pants in this Soft Cotton Twill, and a Named Clothing Kielo Wrap Dress made up in this Medina Linen/Rayon Slub Knit which I think will be perfect for summer.


To be honest, I have never participated in Me Made May. Like Marta, it always sneaks up on me. But this is the year to start! My pledge is to go through all my handmade garments (and there are many) to see if I can put outfits together. I have learned that sometimes this means tweaking a piece or two. Like shortening a dress into a top, or shortening the sleeves so I can wear it in the summer, stuff like that.

I have really been wanting to make the Merchant and Mills Florence Top top pattern using our Cotton Stripe fabric. I also want to make some proper pajamas, so I have chosen the Closet Core Carolyn Pajamas in a lovely double gauze…still deciding on that one!


I have only been seriously making my own clothes for about a year now, so this will be my first proper Me Made May! While the original challenge is not in and of itself a making challenge, I know off the bat that there are holes in my handmade wardrobe I would like to fill (hello, pants!). So, for me, I’m planning on wearing as much me made as I can a day to try to get more creative with my outfits, while also tackling some long overdue projects to diversify my wardrobe more. 

I plan on starting with a good, classic pair of elastic waist pants in a breezy summer fabric. The Free Range Slacks by Sew House Seven in Brussels Washer should be a good choice!

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