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Summer of Basics: Wrap Up + Winner

Summer of Basics 2017 was a huge success! We made a bunch of awesome garments that we know will get a ton of wear, and we hope you did too. You can check out all of Jaime and Amber’s finished makes here. They are both completing the jean retreat this weekend with Heather from Closet Case Designs and their full Summer of Basics list will be complete (just a little late). As much as we loved building up our own wardrobe staples, we loved seeing everything you all were making even more. Which is why we are so excited to announce the winner of the Best First-Timer award. If you are normally a knitter and you made your first sewn garment or if you usually sew, but you tried making your a knit garment for the first time you were qualified to win. 

Summer of Basics 2017 First-Timer Winner

The winner is Ding Ren! We love that her first sewn garment was a shirt for her husband and it was made out of linen for their "linen anniversary,” but she also sewed a fen top for herself! She's an avid knitter, but just started sewing and they both look amazing.

Summer of Basics 2017 First-Timer Honorable Mention

We also had a few honorable mentions because there were way too many awesome makes to just pick one! Although not everybody can win the grand prize, Sara, Katharine, Marie and Whitney all made awesome first time garments and we are offering up a little bonus prize to each of them. Select a Fancy Tiger Crafts pattern of your choosing and we will send it along so you can continue making fun things!

We are so happy that we were able to be part of the Fringe Association Summer of Basics this year. Thanks for hosting, Karen.


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