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Spinzilla 2017!

The first week of October we participated in the 5th annual Spinzilla spinning competition. For one-week hand spinners across the globe compete to spin as many yards of yarn as they can. Every year we select a theme that runs throughout all of our events. We even have t-shirts made with our team logo! This year was all about Game of Thrones, and our teammates cam up with silly fiber/GOT pun handles. For example, Jaime Lambister (Skein Slayer), Ambrys Targhee-ryn (The Mad Skeinmaker), Ramsey Bobbins and Jeor Merino (Lord Commander of the Knit Swatch). We had a ton of fun and spun a lot of wool. Way to go #teamfancytiger!

Team Fancy Tiger

Every year during Spinzilla we participate in and host several spinning events. Some are in breweries and pubs, some are at awesome landmarks, some are after hours in the store, all of them are great fun and bring together an incredible community of spinners.

This year we had our kickoff party at Ratio Beerworks! It was the perfect relaxing environment where we could spin, chat with friends and enjoy delicious beer.

Kick Off Party at Ratio Beer Works

We also had the chance to spend the day at the Botanic Gardens on one of the most beautiful days this Fall. 75 degrees, sunny and surrounded by the huge migration of Painted Lady butterflies that have taken over the state. It could not have been a more perfect setting.

Spinzilla 2017 at the Botanic Gardens

Spinzilla is not only about the competition and spinning the most yards. It is also a great opportunity for us to get out into the community and educate people on modern spinning, different fibers, and show them how accessible it can be. It's part of why we love to host so many events throughout the week.

The final day of the competition was spent with hundreds of spinners at the Denver Art Museum. Talk about an incredible sense of spinning community!

Spinzilla 2017 at the Denver Art Museum

As much as we love to get out and spread the word about spinning, sometimes it is fun to just hole up in the shop, and spin the night away. This year the good people at Sweet Bloom provided us with delicious coffee to fuel our feet as we locked the doors and spun until we couldn't keep our eyes open. It's not all smiles, sometimes there are tangles and tears but in the end, we are always glad to be together working with our hands (and eating pizza).

Spinzilla 2017 all night spin-in

The unsung heroes of Spinzilla are definitely the friends and family that volunteer their time to help us count and skein our beautiful yards of yarn. Thanks so much to everybody that donated their time to help Team Fancy Tiger this year. It is always greatly appreciated.

Winding all the yards of yarn

We had some inter-team competitions, for "Most Yardage Spun", "Best Game of Thrones Spinning Photo", "Best GOT Themed Yarn Photo", and "Best Spinning in Public Photo".

Shannon was our top spinner for the third year in a row with 13,040 yards!

Kim won the Best GOT Spinning Photo, with this epic snowy shot with her "direwolf" and sword. Lacey won Best GOT Themed Yarn Photo for her "Greysmoke" skein. And the prize for Best Spinning in Public Photo goes to Melanie, who documented her impressive dropspindling-while-drinking-in-a-crowded-room at The Great American Beerfest. That takes skills!

Collage of three images: Kim dressed in black cloak with furs and sword, spinning yarn in a snowy forest, A grey skein of yarn, Melanie spinning while drinking beer at Great American Beer Fest

This year was another great year. The team spun some really amazing yarn and we collectively made 124,648 yards of yarn!

 A collage of all Team Fancy Tiger's spinzilla yarn - 124648 yards!

Thanks to all the Spinzilla participants that make this event so special.

Team Fancy Tiger gets serious

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