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Quilts of Quiltcon 2017

Amber and I just returned from warm and sunny, Savannah Georgia for the 4th QuiltCon! Quiltcon is hosted by the Modern Quilt Guild and includes lectures, workshops, a marketplace, and best of all - quilts. There are hundreds of modern quilts on display in various categories such as Improv, Applique, Modern Traditionalism, Patchwork, Handwork and more. We have a few blog posts coming in the next week about our trip which was packed with inspiring quilts, art, and workshops. First up, we'd like to show you some of our favorite quilts of Quiltcon...we hope you enjoy as much as we did!


Amber's twelve zodiac constellation quilt was in this show in the Minimalism category - it looked amazing!

Amber's Quiltcon 2017 Constellation Quilt

Best in Show

Best in Show Quiltcon 2017

bling // Katherine Jones // @twocatsquilts

Group or Bee Quilts

Group or Bee Quilts - Quiltcon 2017

Austin Quilt // Gina Pina // @gina_pina


Handwork Quilts from Quiltcon 2017

I know the Stars and There Beyond the Clouds, 2 // Heidi Parkes // @heidi.parkes

Mimalist Design

Minimalist Quilts

Upper Left // Quilt 005 // Arianna Caggiano // @quiltkween    
Upper Right // Saftey Network //  Sherri Lynn Wood // @sherrilynnwood
Lower Left // Bauhaus Birds in the Air // Frances Dowell // @offkilterquilt    
Lower Right // Inscrutable // Dawn Golstab // @rockin_g_quilts


Piecing Quilts from Quiltcon 2017

Upper Left //  Quilt 009 // Arianna Caggiano // @quiltkween 
Upper Right // redN // Susan Borger // @sbclicks
Lower // Moonie McMoonFace // Melissa Averinos // @melissaaverinos

Piecing Quilts from Quiltcon 2017

Left // Pacific Coast Highway // Anneliese Johnson // @eyecandyquilts
Right // Arboreal // Amy Friend // @duringquiettime

Piecing Quilts from Quiltcon 2017

Left // Lawn Diamonds // Sarah Schraw // @sarahschrawdesigns
Right // Merge // Kamie Murdock // @kamiemurdock

Small Quilts

Small Quilts at Quiltcon 2017

Cold Can Experience  // Dorie Schwarz // @tumblingblocks


Improvisation Quilts from Quiltcon 2017

Left // Yay or Nay // Debra Jeske // @aquilterstable
Right // Forever Tied Together // Jen Broemel // @highfivesandsilverlines

Improvisation Quilts from Quiltcon 2017

Left // Housetop in Black and White // Kathleen Robertson // @cadoodlesanddesigns
Right // The Egg // Hillary Goodwin //

Modern Traditionalism

Modern Traditionalism Quilts at Quiltcon 2017

Upper Left // Walking the Dogs // Kristin Shields // @kristinshields
Lower Left // Lake Michigan in Denim // Suzy Williams // @suzyquilts
Right // Kintsugi IV: Crown of Thomas // Alexis Deise // @alexisdeise

Modern Traditionalism Quilts at Quiltcon 2017

Upper Left // Fallen Petal // Karen Lee // @quiltaposy
Upper Right // Pineapple Rings VII // Emily Parson // @emilyquilts
Lower Left // Log Cabin Quilter Unknown // Diana Vandeyar // @dianavandeyar
Lower Right // Light and Shadow // Rebecca Loren // @parsleyisthenewblack

9 Patch Challenge

9 Patch Challenge Quilts at Quiltcon 2017

Pickled Peppers // Kristyn McCoy // @melonpatchquilts

Use of Negative Space Use of Negative Space Quilts from Quiltcon 2017

Business Attire // Sherri Lynn Wood // @sherrilynnwood


Appliquè Quilts at Quiltcon 2017

Upper // Black and White Botanical Quilt // Lesley Gold // @_quilt_
Lower // Donut Delight Quilt // Lindsey Neill // @penandpaperpatterns


Stay tuned to hear about the classes we took from Nancy Purvis, Carolyn Friedlander, and Maura Ambrose!

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