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QuiltCon 2019: More Quilts!

I'm so glad everyone enjoyed Wednesday's post about the Social Justice Quilts of Quiltcon 2019. Of course there were a ton of other, non-SJ related quilts that were so stunning and inspiring. The creativity and skill that went into all of the quilts is obvious. This is only a small sampling of the amazingness I saw - if you're able, I'd highly recommend attending a Quiltcon yourself one day so you can see all of the quilts in up close and in person. It is a truly magical experience. 

There was a strong contingency of quilts from the Denver area. I was thrilled to look at a quilt's info sheet to learn that I knew the quilter or that it was a local person! These are a few of the quilts from our local quilters - nice work everyone! 

Local Favorites from QuiltCon 2019

Infinite Magnification  l  Christine Perrigo from Erie, CO  l  Modern Traditionalism

 Mayan Sun  l   Stephanie Ruyle from Denver, CO  l  Small Quilts
Catching Modern Dreams  l   Stephanie Ruyle from Denver, CO  l  Piecing

This next quilt was a charity quilt made by our very own Shawna Doering, Bob, Amber Corcoran, Heather Beckman, and Carrie Illum. Everyone contributed blocks to the quilt and Shawna did the quilting. This group chooses to make improv blocks that included piecing less than 1".  All of the charity quilts are made using the same colors (this one was made entirely from stash fabrics!) and this year's theme was "Small Piecing". Proceeds from the sale of this quilt will benefit Sage of the Rockies.

These remaining quilts are just a few more of the quilts I fell in love with last weekend in Nashville. Please enjoy and a huge thanks to the Modern Quilt Guild for putting on another great event!

Jaime's QuiltCon Favorites

QuiltCon 2019

Woven Indigo No 57  l  Sarah Hibbert  l  Use of Negative Space

QuiltCon 2019

The Modern Drunk  l  Jodi Robinson  l  Best Machine Quilting

Deco Dots  l  Jen Sorenson  l  Fabric Challenge

QuiltCon 2019

Forest Through the Trees, no. 4  l  Carson Converse  l  Minimalist Design

QuiltCon 2019

One Year  l  Georgia A. Dunne  l  Handwork


Dance-Gigue  l  Irene Roderick  l  Improvisation

Desert Bloo  l  Annabel Wrigley  l  Improvisation

Curled  l  Charlie Mankin  l  Quilting Challenge

Tidal Wave  l  Krystina Hopkins  l  Quilting Challenge

Number 21  l  Miguel Huidor  l  Appliqué

Hypnotized  l  Jayne Willis  l  Quilting Challenge

 Harry Styles, But A Quilt  l  Liz Harvatine  l   Appliqué

#16  l  Miguel Huidor  l  Improvisation

Four Triangles Ombre  l  Malka Dubrawsky  l  Minimalist Design

The Orange Quilt  l  Shannon Page l  Minimalist Design

Shades of Citrus  l  Brittany Lloyd  l  Modern Traditionalism

Synthesized Slivers  l  Cassandra Beavers  l  Small Quilts 

Modern Mandala  l  Betsy Vinegrad  l Small Quilts

Reflection  l  Sarah Hibbert  l  Piecing 

Roost  l  Staci Meyr  l  Piecing

The Golden Hour  l  Hillary Goodwin  l  Piecing

Vinyl  l  Susan Slusser Clay  l  Fabric Challenge

Folded Flyers  l  Karen Bolan  l  Piecing 

Are you Here  l  Christine Yi  l  Small Quilts

Louver  l Jayne Willis  l  Piecing

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  • Feb 04, 2020

    Hi thanks for highlighting 2 of my quilts, Woven Indigo and Reflections. So looking forward to QC20 x

    — Sarah Hibbert

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