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Quiltcon 2017: Savannah + SCAD

It was great to be in Savannah last weekend for QuiltCon. It was warm and beautiful with flowers blooming and Spanish moss covering the trees. It was such a treat to spend time there during the cold and brown winter of Colorado. 

Savannah is home to the Savannah College of Art and Design (where Amber went to school!). This college has a great fibers department that covers weaving, dyeing, printing, felting and fashion. 

While we were in town the school hosted an Open Studio Tour of the fibers department and it was so great. We were able to see the state of the art facilities as well as samples of students work. It was so inspiring!

Pamela Wiley is the former president of the fibers department of SCAD and had a show up at Pinnacle gallery in Savannah while we were in town. Pamela works with fabric and thread to create stunning, intricate pieces. It was a very different, but complimentary exhibit to the quilts of QuiltCon. 

Thanks Savannah and QuiltCon for a great weekend! We look forward to next year in Pasadena.

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