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MeMadeMay 2019 - Final Thoughts

MeMadeMay is fini, friends! Well done! Today, we're pausing to consider realizations and lessons learns from this month-long celebration of memades (and jumping selfies - we got pretty good!). We asked the FTC staff to weigh in: What are you sewing next? What are you not sewing? Do you have any memade wardrobe holes? What were your wardrobe MVPs this month? How were you inspired? 
memademay handmade wardrobe itemsJaime: Another Me Made May in the books! I've come to two very important realizations: I need to sew non-jean pants and knit a cardigan. I was so inspired by everyone's outfits with their Landers, Persephones, Arenites - so many cute pants! I was boring myself with my daily jeans + sweater or top, so I think having some pants like this in my wardrobe would help. Also I don't currently own a knit cardigan and that would have been so useful for this brisk May. I have a hard time finding patterns I like, so I'll be on the lookout.  

memademay handmade wardrobe looksBob: I realize, I want more basics - like plain tees that I can layer under other garments. I'm very excited about getting a few long sleeve button ups sewn to round out my wardrobe as well. Also looking at jeans in the near future! I've been inspired to look at what I'm actually enjoying wearing, whether RTW or MeMade, and see how to maybe have fewer/better fitting garments I love in my wardrobe! I also realized that a month is a long time, and I in no way have a full month of MeMades!

memademay wardrobe handmade garments Amanda: It was such a strange month, weather-wise, that I'm not sure I made any major revelations about my spring/summer wardrobe, other than reinforcing things I already know: I have a lot of elastic waist pants! I'm a total basics lover, and though I've tried to branch out in terms of what I sew, I still tend to wear a bit of a uniform (wide leg pants, boxy top, cardigan). After this month, as the weather finally warms, I hope to break out of that mold a little bit, and actually wear the dresses I've sewn. I also want to learn to knit: all the gorgeous handmade sweaters (in May!!!) were definitely an inspiration!

memademay diy wardrobe handmade wardrobeL: 100 Acts of Sewing’s Dress No 2 has been my MVP this month! I’ve made several versions, and in a lightweight cotton it’s cool enough to wear on hot days but also makes a great tunic-length layering piece when the temperatures head towards freezing. But there is nothing like having a sweet little hand-selected wardrobe to pull from every day. No matter how simple the silhouette or construction, I have felt beautiful and confident in my me-mades all May, and I also feel ready to expand into some bottoms (as it were).

Marta: My lumpish sweater (pattern by @hayley_blomquist - check out her "Better Know a Crafter" blog post). With the cool and VERY changeable weather we've been having this May, I feel like I have basically worn this sweater every day. Since it is cropped, it works well as a layer over a spring dress or with jeans and boots under a jacket!

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