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Me-Made-May 2014 Review by Amber

Hi, Amber here! I was so excited to participate again in Zoe's, of "So, Zo...What do you know?", Me Made May challenge. My self-challenge was to wear something handmade every day of the month of May. I've been finding myself wearing jeans a lot lately, so my wardrobe these days consists of a lot of blouses and tees. Perhaps next year I'll have made myself a pair of jeans, and I can become 100% handmade! I also have been digging wearing classic, easy to wear dresses, like my new Moneta jersey dress, my Pendleton wool Emery Dress and my chambray Hawthorn Dress.
Week 1 Me-Mades:

Week 2 Me-Mades:

Week 3 Me-Mades:

Week 4 Me-Mades:

Week 5 Me-Mades:

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