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Me Made May 2015 recap

This year was the third year I participated in Me Made May. Me Made May is a celebration of handmade clothing founded by Zoe on her blog and I really love the online community that this event creates. During the month of May each person can set their own personal goals in terms of their handmade wardrobe - ranging from wearing handmade everyday to once a week, or whatever challenge seems best. This year my goal was to wear more of my dresses and skirts and not rely on jeans and a top everyday.

I wear handmade everyday so the hardest part of this challenge is the daily selfie. I survived! I learned a few things about my wardrobe this year.

I only managed to wear dresses or skirts 25% of the time. I wore an Everyday Skirt three times and none of my other skirts. Luckily I have like 5 of these, and I love them so much, but I am going to keep my eyes out for another skirt pattern to change it up.

I wear a ton of Nani Iro. I love Nani Iro fabrics. I was just able to see and order her next collection so I don't see this changing anytime soon and I'm fine with that. I also love wearing handknit tops so much! Luckily I can't stop making sweaters and tanks so that works out great.

I really need to make jeans. This is a goal for me for 2015 and I haven't made the perfect fitting pair yet that I want to wear as much as my RTW jeans. I'm still going forward with this and can't wait to have this missing piece of my wardrobe.

I will continue to wear handmade everyday, but I love that Me Made May gives me the chance to see everyone's handmade wardrobe each May. Check out the hashtag #mmmay15 on Instagram to see so many inspiring creations!


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