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Junegrass Knit Along Wrap Up: Jaime's Cline

Another knit along in the books! This knit along was super near and dear to my heart because we used our own Colorado sourced and milled yarn, Junegrass. 

Jaime's Cline in Junegrass: Batch Two

Pattern: Cline by Julie Hoover
Yarn: Junegrass: Batch Two
Size Made: 47 1/4"
Modifications: none

Jaime Rejoices over Junegrass: Batch Two

Last year, when we first made a Colorado yarn, Junegrass, we didn't anticipate the demand and we sold out of the yarn in the first weekend (thank you all who purchased it!) Sadly, I didn't get any and I never got to knit with our first batch! (I did get to keep and wear the Junegrass Pullover sweater that was knit by a sample knitter so thank goodness for that) This year, we made over three times as much yarn which means I was able to knit a sweater out of Junegrass - rejoice!

Neckline Detail on Jaime's Cline

I choose to knit Cline by Julie Hoover, mostly because Jess Schreibstein knit this sweater last year with Junegrass Batch One and it was amazing. 

Sleeve seaming detail on Jaime's Junegrass Cline

Cline is a dolman sleeve, raglan sweater. It is seamed and I don't think i've ever done so much seaming on a sweater....and I didn't hate it. In fact, I felt really good about it. Some of the seams use mattress stitch, which I'm comfortable with, but some use back stitch which I had never done before. Turns out, I don't mind seaming and maybe I even like it. I think my seams look really great and it does give this sweater extra structure. 

The wide dolman sleeve on Cline

The shape of the sweater pieces are weird. The sleeves get very wide and then very narrow. It seems crazy, but I had to trust Julie and went with it. The finished sweater is also a little weird, but it totally works. It is cozy and oversized and the sleeves make it interesting. I love it. I had some doubts, but I am all in on this one. I've already worn it several times and its great. SOO cozy. 

Jaime's Fancydrygoods Junegrass KAL Sweater

If you haven't picked up a skein or sweater's worth of Junegrass: Batch Two, I'd highly recommend it. This yarn is so dreamy. The Lincoln longwool gives it some shine and drape and strength - this sweater is going to last. The merino/rambouillet is soft and springy. Together, they are just dreamy. 

Junegrass: Batch Two Sweater

Thanks so everyone who knit along with us this fall - as always I love seeing what you made!

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