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Jaime and Amber's Most Worn Makes

If you are a maker, you know that sometimes you make things that only get worn once and never leave the closet again or fall apart after just one wear. Sometimes, however, you make things and wear them day after day for years. It is the dream that everything we make ends up like this! Below are a few of Amber and Jaime's most worn makes!

Most Worn Makes 2016


I always know which garments are my favorite, because they are the ones that never get closet time. They go from the clean laundry pile straight onto my body. I get really excited to wear them!

Amber's Linen Capri Wanderlust Tee

My top worn item of the year is my Wanderlust Tee made from Capri Linen Jersey in Grey Heather. I love this tee for everyday comfort. The linen jersey is light, drapey, and absolutely wonderful to wear.  We have a ton of colors of this magical fabric in now, so it's time for me to make a Linen Wanderlust in every color!

Amber's Liberty Sailor Top

Another item high on my rotation is my Liberty of London Sailor Top. The Sailor Top works so well in Liberty, and I love the pretty rose color of this print. After countless launderings, the Liberty tana lawn is as silky as the day I stitched it up, so I know this shirt will stay in my wardrobe for the long haul. I recently shared a tutorial on making a long-sleeved Sailor Top, and those tops have also been worn quite a bit since I made them. Perhaps it's time for a long-sleeved Liberty Sailor Top...

Amber's Handspun Wensleydale Sweater

My handspun Lila Light sweater is definitely my most worn sweater. There are a handful of sweaters that I get the most use out of, and they are always the ones that are not too heavy so that they can go from crisp fall weather to cold winter days paired with a coat and scarf. Basic enough to wear with most anything. My Wensleydale Lila does all this and the hearty longwool has held up to all the wear while still looking great. The fingering weight yarn was spun over the week of Spinzilla from 12 ounces of Aniroonz Natural Black Wensleydale roving.


I make a lot of clothes and it's always interesting to see what ends up as my "most worn" items.

Jaime's Ginger Jeans

This year I made the Ginger jeans using our sturdy Cone Mills denim and those have without a doubt been my most worn item ever. I have one other pair of jeans besides these and I wear jeans almost everyday so these have seen a lot of use. Like any pair of selvedge denim, I have treated these well and not washed them often. The brand new denim did bleed a lot in the beginning, but they have faded nicely and I still love them. I would like to make another pair this year in a black or grey denim.

Jaime's Clare Coat in Pendleton Shirting

I also made a the Clare Coat last year and I've been wearing that as my winter coat exclusively this winter. I love it. It's super warm and the olive green goes with almost everything. The snaps make it quick to put on and button up. I have been meaning to re-line the jacket in a silk instead of the cotton lawn I used, but have not taken that on yet. I'm planning on doing that this summer when I'm not wearing it all the time.

Jaime's Strokkur Lopapeysa Sweater

My all-time most worn sweater I've made is my Strokkur Lopapeysa. This sweater pattern is by Ysolda Teague and I knit it in the hardy Icelandic yarn Lettilopi. The pattern shaping is customizable so you can make the sweater fitted or more loose fitting. I made this in 2013 and have worn it countless times since. It goes with me on every international trip and it is my favorite layering piece for hikes and backpacking trips because it is both warm and weatherproof, but also lightweight. It has held up like a dream and looks as good as the day I cast off. I'm excited to make another one of these one day in a new color if this one ever wears out.

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