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Fancy Tiger Retreats: Jeans with Heather Lou

Jaime's Two Ginger JeansWe just finished hosting our first Fancy Tiger Crafts Retreat! We had Heather Lou from Closet Case Patterns in to teach her jeans fitting and making workshop over the course of a long weekend. It was awesome! We had a full retreat of 15 women from all over the country who sewed up some jeans.

Fancy Tiger Retreat with Heather Lou

Participants could choose to sew either the skinny Ginger Jeans or relaxed fit Morgan jeans. The weekend workshop started with a fitting from Heather. This was amazing! She was able to help with everything from a swayback adjustment to lengthening or shortening the crotch for each individual. Once we were fitted, Heather walked us through sewing the jeans throughout the weekend, demonstrating each step for us. This is my favorite part of taking classes - the hints and tips that each instructor has to give are invaluable!

Jaime with Heather Lou and Karen Templer

During the long weekend, we had several meals together which was a great way to further get to know one another. I feel like I made 14 new sewing friends this weekend - forever bonded with our new handmade jeans. 

Jaime's Ginger JeansGinger Jeans frontJaime's Ginger Jeans Booty

We have one retreat announced so far where you can learn how to draft and fit your own dress pattern with Cal Patch. We are working on more so stay tuned!



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