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Certifiably Green Denver Designation

We are proud to announce that Fancy Tiger Crafts is officially now a Certifiably Green Denver business! The certification process looked at all aspects of our business that impact the environment, and we worked with Emily from the city of Denver to look at ways we could improve. During the process we did a waste assessment where we found out that we divert a whopping 74% of our waste from landfills by recycling & reusing.
Fancy Tiger Crafts Green Team with the Certifiably Denver Certificate

The process supported a shift to eco-friendly cleaning products, encouraged us to track our usage metrics and helped us realize how much composting would help lower our future waste amounts. We offset our energy use by purchasing 100% of it back in wind power. 

We found that a lot of the little things we already do worked toward our certification of being a green business. Dishes and silverware in our kitchen for staff use (as opposed to disposable things), low energy lighting, recycling, low flow plumbing, eco-friendly shipping supplies and office supplies.

green business decal on store front

We learned so much in the process of working with Certifiably Green Denver. We are happy to know that we’ve made measurable improvements to our carbon footprint and to have this progress be recognized by the city of Denver.

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