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All You Need To Know To Join Our Swim Suit Sew-Along

For the past few years many of you have reached out requesting that we teach a class on how to make a swim suit. Each time we have posted blogs sharing our makes, it comes up. You can revisit Jaime and Amber's makes by visiting our Journal page or clicking on the links in this sentence. This year we thought we would go deeper than just a blog post with a finished project. Join us May 16 - June 15 for our Fancy Tiger Crafts Swim Suit Sew-Along! 


The truth is, we knew there were more of you interested than we could possibly offer a classroom to at our store. To help as many of you tackle this seemingly intimidating project, we decided a Swim Suit Sew-Along was a fun way to help out! Many of us in the shop have never made a swim suit either, so Christina will truly be leading the charge!

To get started, feel free to take advantage of our free croquis garment planning worksheet. These help you design and finalize your project. We LOVE these (as you can see by our top photo) so share your best croquis with us when you are done! 

Our kick off is May 16 and this sew-along will go until June 15 with Christina offering weekly videos (see below) on our website and through Instagram and Facebook where she will demonstrate tips and tricks, answer participant questions and discuss steps in the project process. 



With today's kick-off anyone who wants to join in on the sew-along can use our discount code (which is the same as the hashtag you should use to share your works in progress and finished projects on Instagram) FTCSwimSuitSAL in the store or online to receive 15% off of all swim patterns, fabrics, linings/mesh, and elastics.

We offer a few patterns in the store right now. We have found that many pattern makers have made their patterns available for purchase online as a PDF. Much like our Knit-Alongs, we will be asking you to find that perfect pattern for you if what we have in the shop is not your best fit. 

What we have at FTC: 

Staff have also suggested these in store options if you wanted to make modifications: 

If none of these work for you, we get it. Here are a few staff favorites that we are working on or just think are a great place to start. 


For fabrics, we have some pretty exciting additions, including the always popular Cobra Corsage fabric in scuba jersey. Check out our selection of fabrics here, and remember to use the code FTCSwimSuitSAL when checking out to get 15% off! 

Get your supplies now and join us in the fun! 


Week 2 Sew-Along Lesson Grading 

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