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Alabama Fen-in

We have been long-time fans of Alabama Chanin and The School of Making for their ethical and sustainable business practices and impeccable style. So when they told us they were adapting our beloved Fen pattern for use with their unique 100% cotton mid-weight jersey and their signature slow fashion techniques, we were thrilled!

If you are not familiar with Alabama Chanin, it is a company built around sustainability and ethics. Their cotton jersey fabric is 100% organic cotton, which means it is grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and using non-genetically modified seeds which cause a whole host of problems for the environment. It is also grown, milled, spun and dyed in the US with a completely transplant supply chain that is focused on humane treatment of all people that come in contact with the fiber. 

Alabama Chanin Fen in camel

In using this beautiful and sustainable fiber with Fen, which was originally developed for use with woven fabrics, a few adjustments and alterations need to be made. You can read about the specifics of creating your own Alabama Fen in more detail over on the Alabama Chanin Journal, but the most notable changes they recomend are you downsize your garment by one size and reducing the 5/8" seam allowance provided to a dainty 1/4" seam allowance.

We are excited to pair with The School of Making to create these stunning  Fen Bundles in four different colorways. Kits include 2 yards of 100% Organic Medium-weight Cotton Jersey and 1 spool of Button Craft Thread. Fen pattern sold separately, as a printed version or PDF Download


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