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7th Annual Fancy Sweater Knitalong: Atlantica Pullover

We are looking forward to a new year, and beginning 2021 with our 7th annual sweater knit-along! We have chosen an exciting and beautiful new challenge: Atlantica by Audrey Borrego from the Fall 2020 Pom Pom Quarterly

Two balls of yarn in gray and pale peach are displayed next to a pattern featuring a cable-knit sweater along with dozens of small knit swatches and knitting needles.

We are so excited about this sweater because it uses one of our all-time favorite yarns, Einband Lopi by Ístex. This single-ply lace yarn from Iceland is like nothing you’ve worked with before. Light and airy, yet sturdy enough to stand the test of time. Einband is spun with the wool of Icelandic sheep, a dual-coated breed that has adapted to Iceland's fickle climate, which means this sheep's special wool is superb for cold, damp weather.

A magazine lays open to a page showing a person with chin-length curly hair wearing the Atlantica Pullover—a delicate lace and cable sweater with a slightly oversized fit. It is a pale, muted peachy color. Two balls of laceweight yarn are on top of the magazine, peeking into the frame of the picture. One is pale heathered grey and one is a warm pale peach. They are held together to created the muted marl fabric.

Hold on, a lace weight sweater, you say?? Not to worry, gentle knitters, the yarn is held double throughout which makes for quicker knit and—most exciting—an almost endless combination of custom marl color combinations! 

A knitted swatch for the Atlantica Pullover in a marl of two colors held together: Lavender and Light Ash Heather— lays on a background of light unfinished pine wood. The swatch features a delicate cabled lace. Two yarn balls in Lavender and Grey peek into the bottom of the picture.

Our annual sweater knit-alongs always have a technique or two that we are excited about working on together. Supporting each other as we expand our knitting knowledge is what it's about and the best part is seeing knitters tackle new knitting challenges. Atlantica has a few techniques that we are excited about. Bobbles, cables and lace, oh my! If you haven’t done one or more of these techniques, this will be a really fun knit-along to do with our community of folks! Monthly Zoom sessions for knit-along participants means we can see each others’ progress, help each other through questions and just enjoy each others’ company. 

A grid of dozens of tiny swatches, testing many combinations of pairs of colors marled together. Two hands reach into the frame to straighten the swatches.

Amber is so excited about the endless possibilities of marl combinations that she has already made mini swatches of at least 25 options. Einband's wide variety of beautiful colors means there are over 800 combinations to create! It’s very fun to see how the colors interact when held together to create a marl.

A triptych of images showing examples of how two-color marls look when one yarn color is paired with various colors. The first image shows a ball of muted lime green yarn on the right, and on the left - four balls of yarn to pair it with. From top to bottom on the right: white, yellow, vivid green, and oatmeal heather. Swatches showing each pair are centered between the balls. The next image has pale peach paired with a dusty rose, vibrant orange, yellow, and light ash heather. The third image has oatmeal heather paired with crimson, teal, white, and wine.

Amber is still mulling over what her choice will be. There are so many options!! Which colors and combinations call to you?

25 tiny knitting swatches in a rainbow of various combinations of two-color marls are laid out neatly on a soft, fuzzy, white woven wool background.


Jaime will use colors almost identical to one of the samples photographed in Pom Pom: Peach and Light Ash Heather. This sweet and subtle color combo will really show the textural detail of the sweater well.

A ball of Light Ash Heather and a ball of Peach Einband yarn lay atop a printed page of the Atlantica Pullover pattern. A pair of stainless steel circular knitting needles and a small swatch of the two hues marled together lay next to the pattern page.


We would love for you to join our knit-along and we can’t wait to see your color choices! Here are the deets:

Pattern: Atlantica by Audrey Borrego, from Pom Pom Quarterly, Issue 34: Autumn 2020
Sizes Available: 1 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) — 35½ (39¼, 43¼, 47¼, 51¼, 55, 59, 63, 67, 70¾)“ – to be worn with up to 25cm / 10” positive ease
Yarn: Einband Lopi - 2 colors held together, pattern requires 4 (5, 5, 6, 7, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10) balls each of the two chosen colors of yarn

Dates: Tuesday, January 12th through Tuesday, April 13th
Coupon Code: Use the code “atlanticakal” for 15% off your purchase of Einband Yarn, now through January 31st.

Knit Along with us: Virtually knit with us on Zoom 1x per month on January 12th, February 9th, March 9th and April 13th, Tuesday nights 6 - 7pm. Sign up here.
Win Prizes: Post your progress and final sweater on Instagram for chances to win (and so we can see your sweater! Use the hashtags #FancyKAL and #AtlanticaPullover, and tag us @fancytigercrafts for a chance to win awesome prizes. Your account must be public to be eligible. Using these hashtags and tagging us means we can re-share your posts on our website and social media. We will credit you if we share your post. Posts must be made by April 13th to qualify.

Comments on this post (9)

  • Jan 12, 2021

    I so wish I could join you! I’m a psychotherapist and see clients in the evening so can’t join the zoom calls. :(. I’m very interested in the pattern thought…so I just might go ahead and knit along…

    — Gretchen

  • Dec 30, 2020

    How itchy is this yarn? I normally avoid mohair and the like; I prefer merino and cashmere.

    — Maryann H

  • Dec 30, 2020

    Do you offer beginner knit-along classes. It has been years since I have knitted anything, but would love to get started again.

    — Brenda Cleveland

  • Dec 30, 2020

    If we come to curbside pickup, can we look at some of Amber’s swatches in person?

    — Mary Klute

  • Dec 30, 2020

    I’d love to join! Can we use any yarn?

    — Gina E

  • Dec 16, 2020

    We will be placing some orders with Lopi before the end of the year! Please email us if you have specific requests and we will do our best to add them. If the color you are looking for is on backorder, we will let you know as soon as we can!

    — Fancy Tiger Crafts

  • Dec 16, 2020

    Do you know if the yarn will restock before the KAL begins?

    — Ronni Monster

  • Dec 16, 2020

    Hi, I am curious about what the plum and grey color would look like together. Or even the plum and the lighter lavender. Also considering the teal or turquoise colors. I noticed you are out of stock on some colors. Will you receive more stock before the KAL?

    — Sulin Pierce

  • Dec 16, 2020

    I am wanting to sign up for the KAL.

    — Megan Treffeisen

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