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12 Wonderful Years

It seems like every year goes by faster and we are saying “I can’t believe it has been _____ years!” Well, this year is no different and we cannot believe it has been 12 wonderful years since we opened our doors. We feel so proud of what we have built here in Denver and the community that surrounds us around the country and the world. It is such a treat to be able to say thank you to all of our longtime customers on this occasion every year. We definitely would not be here without you and you make all our dreams possible, so Thank you!

Throwback Anniversary T-Shirt Design

Our t-shirt this year is a throwback to one of our most loved designs from years past. We have had tons of people letting us know how much they loved this design and either missed it or have worn it to threads so we are happy to announce that it will be returning this year! 

Fancy Tiger Crafts Embroidery Pattern Teaser

With each purchase made on July 7th, we will be giving away a free gift. We have designed a new Fancy Tiger themed Iron-On Embroidery Pattern and will be giving it away as a free gift with all purchases made in-store and online that day. The pattern includes 20+ unique Fancy Tiger inspired designs for you to embroider until your heart’s content. They will also be available for purchase if one pattern just isn’t enough for you! 

Fancy Tiger Miir Mug

One of the most exciting new things we are offering is this special limited edition Fancy Tiger camp mug. These simple and stylish mugs are made by Miir, a company that gives 3% of their revenue to fund trackable giving projects. Each mug comes with a “Give Code” that you can use to track your mugs specific donation project. You can learn more about their clean water and health projects and track your “give code” here. It is an awesome company that makes really incredible mugs and we are so happy to be offering them this year!

Sonya Philips at Fancy Tiger Crafts

Sonya Philip will be here to celebrate with us too! She will be in the store for a meet/greet at 5 PM on the day of the Anniversary Party. Come by and say “Hi” to this talented fun lady! She will also be teaching her Pants No. 2 Workshop on Sunday and there are a few precious spots left that class! 

As always we will be giving away 100 goody bags full of amazing prizes mostly donated by our generous vendors. We are beyond lucky to have such amazing support from all of our vendors and this fun annual tradition is definitely made possible by them. You can expect to see items from 100 Acts of Sewing, Alison Glass, Berroco, Cashmerette, Closet Case Patterns, Colette, Cozy Blue, Kelbourne Woolens, Knitpicks, Loome, Malabrigo, Pendleton, Sew House Seven, Sincere Sheep, Sublime Stitching, Toft UK, and Woolfolk among others. Thank you to everyone that donated. We just know everyone is going to flip over the incredible bags this year. 

We hope to see you all here this Saturday! If you can’t make it for the goody bags in the morning, join us for a slice of cake and a toast at 5 pm. 

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